HIKING TUNUPA 5.490m and UTURUNCO 6.008m 6 days

La Paz – Tourist Transport Uyuni.- evening hours to 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. reach Uyuni hours.

1 day.- Uyuni – COQUESA.-

At 10:00 a.m. hours we left the train cemetery, the people Colchani eyes salar, salt hotel and headed to the Fish Island we hike through the immense cactus area, after lunch we continue towards Coquesa small town that is the base of the volcano Tunupa spent the night in a hostel.

2 day.- Tunupa Volcano Hiking 5,490 – PUERTO Chuvica .-

This day we went out in the morning at 4:00 a.m. hours with transportation to the archaeological area of 4,400 mums, where we started to walk to the summit 5.490m in 5-6 hours and then return to transportation continue to Coquesa, after lunch continue towards Puerto Chuvia Hostal de Sal arrived in the afternoon after the dinner break.

3 day.- PUERTO Chuvica – LAGUNA COLORADA.-

After breakfast we went in the direction of Valley Ollague rock near the volcano, we went through the various gaps where there are many flamingos, then Siloli desert tree, stone and so to the red lagoon where we spent the night Huayllajara.

4 day.- LAGOON – QUETENA Chico.-

We left at 8:30 a.m. hours to 4.830m towards the geyser, Geyser, fumaroles, and then descend to the hot springs, and headed to the Green Lagoon where Lincancabur 5.995m volcano is then headed to the small town of Chico where Quetena spent the night in a hostel.

5 day.- QUETENA CHICO – HIKING Uturuncu 6.008m – VILLA sea.-

This day we left very early hours 2:00 a.m. until 5.350m high mountain field with jeep where we started walking towards the summit in 4-5 hours we reached the summit 6.008m where we have a beautiful view of the entire Southern Cordillera Lipez, return to Chico Quetena lunch and continue in the direction of Villa Mar where we spent the night.


We left in the morning to see cave paintings in Rocks, Stone Town then go through small towns Villa Alota, San Cristobal, and others, and so we returned to Uyuni in the evening, the same night we returned to Uyuni at 20:00 PM and arrived at peace at 8:00 a.m. hours.


* Tourist Transport RT.
* Jeep 4X4.
* Guide.
* Accommodation.
* Power.


* National Park.
* Sunglasses.
* Sunscreen.
* Snack chocolates and other staff.
* Warm clothes.
* Personal Insurance.

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