TAKESI 3 days

This classic short trek and we offer for those who only have a short stay in the city of La Paz, because you can also do this trek in 2 days, which is in the midst of the mountains of Illimani and Mururata.

This tour presents spectacular views and unforgettable moments in both mountainous and high valleys of the Cordillera Real, being similar to Machu Picchu Inca road.


Departure from La Paz in San Francisco transportation to mine a 2 hour trip to 42 miles, begins our walk, by pre-Columbian Inca route, old and very well preserved. After half an hour we reached the 4,650 m pass. From then descend into the valleys. Camp near the village Takesi. 5 hours of trekking.

Day 2 TAKESI – Kakapi

That day we descend to lower warmer regions surrounded by giant ferns and a variety of flora, begonias, orchids, birds and wildlife in Andean 5 hours of trekking we arrived at the campsite Kakapi beautiful place and very pleasant.

Day 3 Kakapi – CHOJLLA

Four hours of trekking to the river Takesi and we started to climb to get to the Chojlla (mining town) where we have lunch and return to the city of La Paz.


* Private Transportation
* Guide
* Power Lunch, dinner and breakfast.
* cook
* porters
* Tent and camping equipment Mat.
* Kitchen equipment


* Sleeping bag.
* Sunglasses.
* Headlamp.
* Sunscreen.
* Warm clothes.
* National Park.
* Backpack 60 liters.
* Backpack 5 liters.
* Snack chocolates and others.
* Security personnel.

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